Alliances and partnerships

    Every organization lives from their contacts and their network.

    Ecovida maintains various contacts with private individuals and institutions that support the foundation in its aim to preserve flora and fauna in the Costa Rican nature reserve.

    "Those who plant trees, even though they know that they will never sit in their shade, have at least begun to understand the meaning of life."

    Reserva Biológica

    Nature reserve in Nosara, Costa Rica

    The nature reserve Reserva Biológica is owned by the Boutique Hotel Lagarta Lodge on the Pacific Ocean in Nosara, Costa Rica. The Ecovida Foundation supports and advises the Reserva Biológica.



    Edunámica Foundation

    For equal access to quality education in Costa Rica

    Edunámica aims to offer disadvantaged children and young people in Costa Rica new perspectives for their future with a good education, so that they and their families can take the difficult step out of poverty. Edunámica helps the Ecovida Foundation to sensitize the local population to the appreciation of nature.

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    Refugio Lapa Verde

    Nature reserve near Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí

    Follow our activities in our nature reserve "Refugio Lapa Verde"


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