Behind our work are many committed people and generous donors.

    As a small, private organisation we are dependent on support for the care and protection of the nature reserve:

    People who feel responsible for a sustainable protection of nature and are committed to it.



    With a donation you can make a personal and sustainable commitment to the conservation of the tropical rainforest in one of the most species-rich areas of our planet.

    You will receive a donation confirmation (donations to Ecovida can be deducted from taxes in Switzerland).

    Bank details:
    acrevis Bank AG, Marktplatz 1, 9004 St. Gallen, Switzerland; BC: 6900, PC 30-38175-8
    IBAN number for CHF: CH47 0690 0055 5767 1000 6 (Swiss francs)
    IBAN number for USD: CH20 0690 0055 5767 1010 4 (US Dollar)

    If you prefer payment slips, these can be requested at:


    With a patronage you can protect tropical rainforest!
    Protection and care of one of the approximately 1'825 hectares costs us around CHF 100 per year.
    This amount covers the following:

    • Creation of habitats for rare native animals
    • Care: forest, bush, grassland, marshes, water
    • Reforestation of indigenous tree species
    • Planting feed crops for a variety of local animal species
    • Employment and training of personnel who perform care, control and protection functions, including area monitoring and protection against poachers

    With a sponsorship you help to ensure the preservation of a nature reserve in one of the most species-rich, tropical regions of our planet and thus make a personal contribution to the worldwide climate and environmental protection. You will be informed quarterly by e-mail about what is happening at Refugio Lapa Verde. You will receive a sponsorship confirmation (donations to Ecovida can be deducted from taxes in Switzerland).

    Would you like to make a lasting commitment? Here you can find the sponsorship form

    Idea for a gift

    Gift your friends, relatives or acquaintances with a piece of intact nature from the tropical rainforest of Costa Rica!

    With your gift you ensure the sustainable protection and maintenance of a piece of the nature reserve Lapa Verde in the name of the recipient. The amount of the gift determines the size of the piece of land to be protected: CHF 100 covers 1 hectare for a whole year.

    Please fill out the sponsorship formwith your own details and do not forget to include the name of the gift recipient so that we can send you the gift certificate accordingly.

    This is what the certificate for your gift will look like: Gift certificate

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