Ecovida Foundation

    For the conservation of the landscape and restoration of diverse habitats for plant and animal life in Costa Rica and other regions worthy of protection.

    The diversity of nature is vital for us humans.
    We need air, green space, water and biodiversity.
    Although nature is our livelihood, we are overexploiting - depleting the planet's resources and destroying ecosystems.

    Costa Rica -  "Switzerland of Central America" - occupies only 0.03% of the world's land surface with an area of 51,100 km2, but is home to around 5% of the world's species richness. This makes the country a "biodiversity hotspot". Some species are threatened with extinction and can only be found here.

    In our private nature reserve "Refugio Lapa Verde" in Costa Rica we help to protect the rainforest from deforestation and prevent hunting.

    Even with a small contribution you can make a big impact.




    Habitat for animals and plants

    Together we preserve the habitats and biological diversity of flora and fauna in Costa Rica and make an indispensable contribution to securing the basis of life for future generations.



    Conservation and restoration

    We increase biodiversity through reforestation, repopulation of native animals and the care of the different habitats.


    flora and fauna

    Protection and sustainability

    Through land purchases and control we protect the tropical forests from deforestation and illegal hunting.




    We sensitize the population to the value of nature and its protection by providing information and cooperating with schools. We also create jobs and offer ecotourism.



    Refugio Lapa Verde

    Private nature reserve

    Our private nature reserve covers 1'825 hectares and has a great biodiversity.




    Behind our work are many committed people and generous donors

    With a contribution you can make a very personal and sustainable commitment to the conservation of the tropical rainforest in one of the most diverse areas of our planet.


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